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  •  Do you feel lost, broken, defeated?
  • ​ Do you struggle with manifesting the good stuff? Wondering what you're doing wrong?
  • ​ Do you sit back and watch others manifest their dreams while you are stuck scratching your head?  
  • ​ Did you know that you have a massive team of angels & guides just waiting to help you?  
  • ​ And did you know that life could actually be easy? That God had always intended it to be that way? 
All of that, every bit of it, was me. I felt lost, broken, and definitely defeated. I was struggling in every area of my life. I saw others manifesting their dreams and I couldn't understand why I wasn't doing the same. I felt abandoned... by everyone! I was at rock bottom once again. Oh it had happened before. But this time I had finally hit the bottom of the barrel. I had no hope. I saw no light. I was at the end of my rope. 

But first things first. You're not here by chance. Oh no way loveee! That is one thing I've learned on this amazing journey in to love. When we are asking the Universe for help, It will show us the way. Allow me to give you a few things to think about. Please read to the end as what I have to say just may sing to your soul...
Look, I know you’ve been through a lot. We all have. And I get that you’re ready to change it all. That is why the universe has led you here. Every event in your life has happened for a reason. Everything has shown up FOR you. To teach you. To help you. To show you the way. To this moment right now. To the answers you’ve been waiting for.

Perhaps you’ve been asking for help. Pleading for guidance. Even Praying for a miracle. Well, that was me too, not too long ago. I had it all! The perfect marriage, a great career, and near perfect health. I had a thriving private practice as a speech pathologist and I was living life to the fullest.

I was at the top of my game! Without warning, and within a matter of just a few short months, my perfect life was turned upside down. I found myself on a downward spiral that appeared to have no end. I lost everything. My marriage. My business. Even my faith.

I felt scared. I felt alone. And I felt I was at the end of my rope. It was at this depth of my desperation and hopelessness that I dropped to my knees. I was in my front yard, calling out to anyone who might listen. Fear had taken over and I felt completely lost on my path. I needed help, desperately. And I needed it immediately.

My call went out to the universe and help began to arrive immediately. To my surprise, my help came by way of the angels. God sent so many! And so many guides too. I was introduced to my team. My spiritual team. Angels, guides, and so many souls who loved me deeply. They had been waiting to come to my aid all along. And now that I had called for help, their assistance came swift. I was blown away by what they were able to do! And I would soon learn just how easy life could really be.

I wasn’t alone after all. I never had been. I had a team. And it was massive. And they had been sending me love all along. As I learned as much as I could about my spiritual team, and what they could help me with, I began to see things differently. They began to show me how I had manifested everything. My entire life. That when things had become so dark, so difficult, so awful, I had called it all in with my beliefs, programs, and really f*cked up stories.

My vibe had attracted it all. My shame. My guilt. My fears and doubts. All of the wounds I had buried inside. It was a lot. And I was tired. Tired of carrying the heavy burdens I had chosen so long ago. I was ready to release it once and for all. All of it! I was ready to be free.

(The next pic is vintage ME after climbing the highest mountain in Northeast Pennsylvania right after having my knees adjusted by my Chiropractor. I heard God say "let's go!" He helped me conquer yet one more fear...

My team began to show me how I had been blocking all of the good stuff. All of the chains that had blocked my dreams were of my own doing. I was the only one who could change things. No one was coming to save me. I held the key to unlock them all. I was the one who could set myself free.

 What they taught me wasn’t rocket science, but it was new to me. A new way of seeing. A new way of believing. A new way of living. A new way of thriving. In no time I was able to begin to piece things together. I began to uncover the patterns, from my own limiting beliefs, that had allowed me to become sick, broke, alone, and in complete desperation. As my team began to uncover the veil of lies I had been telling myself for so many years, I began to see the truth. I was not my experience. I was not what others said I was. I was SO MUCH MORE!
I began to learn how to heal my wounds, those soul wounds that I had buried so deeply. I dove into the murky waters of my soul and asked my team to show me the way. The way to health. The way to wealth. The way to the life of my dreams. They did not disappoint. My healing began to occur almost immediately. It took time to uncover everything, and I’m still learning every single day, of what triggers me and has the potential of bringing up those beliefs from the past.

But I know better now. I know the truth. I know how to recognize the lies, the doubts, and the fears. And I know how to stop them dead in their tracks. I’ve learned how to live a life full of all of the good stuff. I have healed myself from chronic illness. I have a life filled with amazing relationships. I found love again. And I found faith again.

As I learned to step into the vibration of abundance, and allow it into my life in all ways, I began to write a new and beautiful story. One filled with love, joy, peace, and so much fun. My team answered my call. And they showed me the way. The way to peace. The way to love. The way to freedom from my past. I held the key all along.
We all have them you know. Our own massive spiritual team just waiting to make life easier for us. A team of angels, guides, and so many souls filled with love, compassion and wisdom. They answered my plea at my darkest moments, and showed me the way to a life of grace and ease. I am forever grateful for this beautiful gift, and now I get to show you the way. I’ve been doing it for years. I’ve helped thousands write a new story and create a life that they love.
It’s an honor to be the light for others. And I’m ready to light the way for YOU. If you’re ready. To release the chains that keep you stuck. To find the freedom you’ve been seeking all along. To create a life you are madly in love with!
I’m ready to show you the way. You were born for greatness! It’s time you start living it. Join me for a magical ride. Get in on this amazing experience.


limited time offer!
If This Page Is Up, You’re In Luck, That Means You Can Still Get Spiritual Bootcamp for $47 Regularly $555
Here Is How Julia's 28 Day Spiritual Bootcamp Works!
Daily transformational videos, audios, lessons, and meditations
done in the comfort of your own home!
Upon purchase you will receive an email with an invitation to Julia's 
Private Member's Group! 

Day 1: Morning and Evening Meditations for Manifesting - (These are golden)
Day 2: Creating Your Vision - (A must when you want to manifest the good stuff)
Day 3: Intuition 101 - (You will be so surprised at just how easy it really is to tune in to your own intuition)
Day 4: Turning Your Space Into Zen - (Clutter is a major problem and hangs on to negative energy. I'll show you what to do to turn things around)
Day 5: Setting Your Intentions Feng Shui Style - (Create your space so that it attracts abundance! And no, you don't need to buy a thing)
Day 6: Healing & Manifesting Meditation - (I'll help you release the struggle and step into your power love)
Day 7: Our Limiting Beliefs and How They Are Running The Show - (Once we know what they are it give us so much power)
Day 8: Tapping Out The Bullshit...Tapping In The Good Shit - (OMG you will love this!)
Day 9: What Is Your Frequency - (Everything is energy and I'll show you where yours has been vibing, and how to reach higher)
Day 10: Catching Up - (A beautiful reminder to love our SELF)
Day 11: It Is Safe To Be Me - (The angels told me this one. It's genius really. And this lesson will be quite the eye-opener. Expect many aha's!!)
Day 12: What Is Your Body Trying To Tell You - (Our body sends us signals constantly. We just need to listen. I'll show you how!)
Day 13: Mantra Me Home Playlist - (We can heal so much and manifest miracles easier when listening to the right tunes!)
Day 14: Kuan Yin's Message For YOU - (You are going to love this angel! She is madly in love with YOU)
Day 15: Forgiving the Past - (We can't move forward without letting go of the past. I make it very easy for you during this blessed lesson)
Day 16: An Abundance Meditation Just For YOU - (Get into the vibe of abundance and open your arms baby!)
Day 17: Getting Connected - (We all need to feel connected. You WILL with this golden nugget)
Day 18: The Importance Of Sending Blessings To The Past - (This is a game changer! You'll be shifting the energy like a badass)
Day 19: How To Make Your Big Problems Small - (It's all perspective! I'll help you see things through God's eyes on this day. Get ready to be ahh-mazed!)
Day 20: Caring For Our Bodies As We Vibe Higher - (If you don't take care of YOU where will you live?)
Day 21: Kuan Yin, Princess Of The Autumn Harvest - (A blessed message from one of your biggest fans! Kuan Yin changed my life forever)
Day 22: You ARE The Gift - (In this lesson you will finally realize that YOU were always the gift you were seeking. I can't wait to show you the truth)
Day 23: The Ripple Effect - (It's time to step back and gaze at how you really have caused quite a ripple in the Universal order of things. You will love this!)
Day 24: Connecting With Your Spirit Animal Guide - (We all have spirit animal guides. I'll introduce you to yours on this day)
Day 25: I Choose EASY - (I mean, who wouldn't right?! But I can help you really begin to call in an easy peasy life that you can't wait to wake to every single day)
Day 26: Letting Go Of The Past - (One more amazing day of releasing here love. Then you're off to the big time!)
Day 27: Kuan Yin's Generous Gift - (Your beloved new bestie sends one more message of love your way. Talk about a God wink!)
Day 28: How To Keep The Momentum Going - (There's no time to stop now loveee. The momentum is just getting going!)
Here is what others are saying about Julia's Spiritual Bootcamp!!
I can help you!
God is guiding me to teach you all that I know about creating an amazing life full of miracles that show up on a regular basis. I get miracles daily and I can promise you that we are all entitled. I’m not some “special” being who was promised more. I am just like you. We are all one. And we are all worthy of abundance in all its forms!
This is not your typical bootcamp!
> This program will get you on your divine plan.
> You will be balancing all aspects of your life: physical, emotional, and spiritual. 
> You will easily blast through blocks. 
> Your body-mind-spirit will become congruent. 
> You will start writing a brand new story.
It will be magnificent, I promise!
Become a magnet for miracles!

limited time offer!
If This Page Is Up, You’re In Luck, That Means You Can Still Get Spiritual Bootcamp 
for $47 (Regular Price $555)
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If my program does not provide a massive transformation 
So let’s get started!

Let’s end the struggle and begin living the life God intended for us! Be sure to tell your friends and family about this life-changing course. I’ve done many virtual programs and even though they were considered long-distance learning, the collective energy of the group only amplifies the results…for everyone!

Get prepared for one magical ride…

Your brand new life begins today!
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    28 Days With Me As Your Guide!
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